Better late than never….

Indochina – March-April 2014

Firstly, this is not how I imagined I would write-up this trip, but having been caught up in the schedule of the organised holiday, I didn’t make the time to post anything in the month whilst exploring a small amount of Indochina (even allowing for sporadic internet access). I also didn’t factor in the flu I managed to pick up in Changi Airport, Singapore on my way home to slow the process down even further. Having just looked on the net there are some great blogs for this trip (from people far more organised than me) and I encourage a more detailed investigation……

So, this is all post posts, and not a lot of photos, and I have left links to Wikipedia in the text for those who actually want to get more information on the places we stopped. I have also not written down everything I’ve done, instead I’ve just provided what I wrote at the time.

Of course, this means I am not much closer to my goal of actively updating a site on the periodical goings on….however… least I wrote something down – even if it was on paper and was to be collated and posted at a later date.


Quick summary of the trip:

Weather Conditions:

Vietnam – Halong Bay – not sure of season – fog – great views of fog – VERY WARM!

Vietnam to Cambodia – Lower Mekong River – end of dry season and river is low – great views of river banks – HOT!

Loas – Upper Mekong River – end of dry season – burn-off season – great views of smoke – HOT!

Thailand – end of dry season – HOT!



Vietnam: Villages; markets; temples

Cambodia: Villages; markets; temples

Loas: Villages; temples

Thailand: Temples; markets

Subsequently, I am a little sick of temples (although some are very intricate and beautiful, and the White Temple in Chiang Rai is a magnificent contrast to red, black and gold). The big disappointment was not seeing the landforms and mountains of Ha Long Bay and Loas under blue skies (as barely seeing them at all doesn’t really rate).

There was the odd other activity; elephants and elephant riding, quad biking and of course the obligatory rides on tuk tuks, rickshaws and motorbikes (each with its own pace and level of pace and excitement). Enjoy

Indochina March April2014

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