End of an Era…

At last, the biggest hurdle to the planned sea change is just about over and complete; our lovely sustainable house is about to have a new owner. The settlement period could be shorter but beggars can’t be choosers and short term pain does indeed mean long term – and in this case, stressless – gain. Ten lovely years living in the rural fringes of Melbourne is over; the early evening kangaroo count below the house is over; and sitting on the balcony waiting for the northern blue sky to turn to black with the stars on summer evenings (with glass of wine in hand of course) is over.

My washing machine has also decided its time is over. Whilst the machine is around 20 years old, it is a Hoover and Australian made (a rare commodity these days as Australia, as a country, seems to have out-sourced its manufacturing to South East Asia or South America), has served me well and has the potential for many more years of service. I have replaced the bearings only once and I think the only thing wrong this time is a belt. The program works and the machine drains. But a call-out fee is $78 before any repairs and parts and I only have about a month left of washing anyway. I don’t like to see anything go to waste but it is not worth fixing under the circumstances. A few trips to the local laundrette will be more economical (and something I will have to get used to in the next stage of life) but you think the machine could have had the decency to wait just a few more weeks!

On the project side of things….

My sewing machine (also 20 years old but thankfully still going strong), has been busy making covers for all the big things that need protecting when we move (or rather the things that our new house needs protection from) – predominantly the push bikes and the kayak. These little projects have been challenging, and not without incident. An expensive service has just ensued as I nudged the needle a millimetre out of alignment, achieved by sewing through some flesh on my left index finger. This is not as bad as it sounds, and whilst painful I have since spoken to people who have sewn right through their fingernails. I will live.., the life of the needle, however, is over.


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