The intention of ‘purringalong.com.au’ is to, at the very least, provide regular newsletters (diary notes) on the travels of Andrew and Trish who are currently enjoying their sea-change aboard their sailing catamaran, sv Sengo.  Sengo has been travelling up and down the east coast of Australia and completed her first circumnavigation of mainland Australia in June 2018. Whilst we expect not everything will run perfectly smoothly, we do, in the main, expect to be nicely ‘purring along’.

Why ‘Sengo‘? Sengo is Gandan for male leopard (..or at least one anglicised form of it. We couldn’t find the female version – the root of the word being ‘ngo’) When we looked for a name for our catamaran we wanted something that represented ‘leopard’ or ‘cat’ (as our yacht is a Leopard 48 catamaran from South Africa), that wasn’t already taken if we wanted to register the boat under Australian Registration (and wasn’t too common) and that, in the very remote possibility (which we never hope to partake in) we had to use it for a mayday call, didn’t have too many letters or syllables. We considered several possibilities (mainly from African languages) and settled on Sengo. (We do note that Sengo has other meanings across the world in other languages but we were looking for an African reference).

Copyright. Unless otherwise stated, all written work and documentation and all photographs remain the copyright of either Trish or Andrew Ebert. Permission must be sought for public or private use.

Photography. Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are taken with either Olympus OMD-E-M10II, a Lumix DC VARIO, a Panasonic HX-WA10, a Canon Powershot SX10IS, a Panasonic Lumix DMX-LS80, or a GoPro; mostly on automatic settings (although I am trying to be creative with the Olympus). Therefore, unless intentionally taken for effect, any loss/fuzziness in quality is probably due to the lack of skill/movement of the photographer (or reduction in size for web publishing) and not the ability of the camera.

We took possession of Sengo in July 2014. Posts prior to September 2014 relate to activities and thoughts leading up to our sea-change aboard Sengo, including the sale of our land-based house and the massive clean-up exercise that entailed.

Disclaimer: All information provided by the author was correct to the best of his/her knowledge at the time of writing and  publication. Readers must do their own research to determine if such information remains true if they wish to partake in the same activities.

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