Plodding Along

Wandering in Western Australia

I am not claiming the attached write-up of our recent Cape To Cape Track walk is perfectly grammatically correct; I am just happy enough to get it done. I has taken me three attempts to get this document completed on my new computer and it has been a big learning experience. Our wander down the bottom south-west corner of Western Australia was not originally planned. We were scheduled to be on sub-tropical Lord Howe Island. However, sometimes we must accept the challenges that life throws at us and change tack. Cape To Cape Capers is 2.6 Meg (the first time in a long time where a pdf’d document is smaller than the original word processing document – like they used to be!)

Mucking around Mackay

Who is crazy enough to walk around 100 kilometres to cover 46 kilometres of an official walk? Apparently we are. Having found ourselves exploring around the regional outskirts of Mackay and walking in some lovely rainforest which is part of the Mackay Highlands Great Walk, one of a series of Great Walks in Queensland, we decided we would like to complete the whole trek. The only problem was access. No public transport. No easily found transport services. How do we solve this? Well, we start at one spot, walk to the end, and walk back again. Compared to our Tassie trek (see below) this was a short journey -only a week. And surprisingly, despite its challenges, quite enjoyable. The attached document on our journey along (most of) the Mackay Highlands Great Walk is 9.2 Meg.

Trekking through Tassie!

Plans Change. But living on a boat we are used to that. On a boat however a change in plans is usually due to weather. The scheduled plan for our  ‘walk’ in Tasmania wasn’t changed due to weather – but instead due to injury. So four weeks in Tassie turned into eight weeks, a ‘through –hike’ (depending on your definition) turned into two ‘section hikes’, and an estimated early-autumn finish turned into a mid-autumn finish; the hike that I’d scheduled to take 30 days to walk still took 30 days to walk, but we actually finished in Dover 53 days after we took our first steps in Devonport.

The attached document is essentially written in my usual diary style, with a bit of an introductory blurb at the front. I apologise for the size. To keep the size down I used mainly ‘small’ copies of the photos and so some of the images may be a bit fuzzy. The word document was 16.6 Meg. I am used to the files getting bigger when I save them as pdf but for some reason the program has increased the size to almost double at 30.3 Meg.