Once in a Lifetime….

There are some things you only want to do once:

–       swim with a shark,

–       renovate a house,


–       have a garage sale.

Well. I have done it!  I’ve had my one and only Garage Sale.  Long hours were spent cleaning and setting up the garage the day before, and anxious hours were spent watching people wander around and pick up bits and pieces that you just know they are going to onsell and make an absolute fortune on.

The thought of strangers traipsing around amongst my belongings has always made me shiver, but I had to tell myself, technically, now they were no longer my belongings and even if they didn’t sell, I was going to donate most of them to a worthy charity (the Rotary Op Shop in Warrandyte is probably sick of me as I’ve donated everything else during this 5 year cleaning-up project to them).

So I can tick this one off. I can also tick ‘Renovating a House’. On to swimming with sharks……..

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