Sometimes it pays to be humble…..

What’s the difference between a Portobello and a Large Flat mushroom?

Personally, I can’t see any, but then again I didn’t see that there were different labels either. The manager of the green grocers I was in, however, knew exactly what the difference was and watched bemused as I ‘mixed his mushrooms’ . Of course I didn’t see him until I turned around and found myself sprung ; caught guilty of tipping almost empty boxes of mushrooms into ‘less empty’ ones. He was very quick to point out my mistake (whilst separating the Portobellos back into another box) and I was highly embarrassed.

Humbly apologising, I explained I was collecting boxes. The usual response to my requests in supermarkets and greengrocers is a resounding ‘No’ (staff generally explaining that boxes get crushed immediately) so I’ve taken the initiative where possible to consolidate fruit and vegies and pilfer them for myself. ….

Still with a smile on his face this manager then asked me (after he was satisfied he’d corrected my mistake) how many boxes would I actually like.. Taken aback with this unusual attitude…and after changing my non descript ‘as many as I can get’ to ‘five would be good’ I ended up with 7 large boxes personally delivered to my car. Sometimes it pays to be humble…and sometimes, despite the old adage that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission, it is perhaps prudent to ask the question first and not assume every experience will be the same as the average.

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