I’ve given up!

..well, in a sense anyway.

For those of you who are wondering either a) how I am going selling my house, or b) why I haven’t mentioned it in such a long time, it is because the entire process has been one of both exhaustion and disappointment.

Firstly, we have yet to sell. The situation not being helped by the hot weather, bushfires that seem to pop up within a matter of kilometres just when I plan to have open days, and the local paper, that promises one thing but actually delivers on another making any advantage their offers may have given us, obsolete.

So, to cut a long story short, I have gone to the dark side and engaged an official real estate agent. Unfortunately this means that if I wish to get in my hand what I was aiming for they have to work hard to get more (as I need to cover their commission and costs)…but at least I wont be losing any more hair over the issue….

Whilst I don’t feel that the world has fallen off my shoulders, they do feel a tad lighter.

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