Aboard Sengo – January 2021

Summer in Queensland is typified by hot, windy, wet or muggy days. Or a combination of these! We had some nice days in January, but we did spend a lot of the month hiding from weather, and as a result, not getting off boat. This meant that by the end of January our exercise regime was probably not as concentrated as it should have been, and our fitness levels were probably not to the point they should have been.

We started the month relaxing inland south of Gympie (off boat!). We ended the month much further south in The Broadwater on the Gold Coast.  In between we sat out wind and rain on the bad days, and mostly took the opportunity to get off boat on the good days (which weren’t that many)!

Aboard Sengo January 2021 is 4.8 Meg.

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – January 2021

  1. Yes January was not the most exciting cruising month. Hopefully better times to come for all us! Thanks for the suggestion of walking at Binna Burra. We might give this a try this weekend.

  2. Good morning Chris. We loved Binna Burra. Be conscious that Grade 4 rated walks are Grade 4/5. That could be for a variety of reasons. The Caves Track is downhill via the road and a lot of up hill back toward the car park, but the first section of the Border Track out from the trail-head is pretty flat for a couple of kilometres. I am sure you will enjoy it, whichever track you explore.

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