Aboard Sengo – December 2020

Sengo – Lady Musgrave Island

December 2020; the last month of a year that started so tragically for us, and then tuned into a zombie uncertainty – both for us and the rest of the World. We began the month off the east coast, at Lady Musgrave Island on the Great Barrier Reef, exploring the wonders below sea level. We ended the month inland, around Amamoor and Imbil, exploring new areas above sea level; enjoying the bush walks – even the ‘up bits’– afterward, upon reflection at least, even if only to appraise the fact we coped with them quite well.

In between was not vey exciting. A lot of December was either moving, or sitting out weather systems, which because of the season, were as expected, wetter and windier than earlier in the year. We got a few domestics done, a lotof reading and we took walks on land (interesting and otherwise) when we could.

Aboard Sengo December 2020 is 5.8 Meg.

4 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – December 2020

  1. Good to see you are well south of the weather around Cairns. Going to be a bit uncomfortable up that way. When are you hoping to head to Canada? 🤞🤞 Very hard to plan anything at the moment.

    • Hi Sue! Great to hear from you and Happy New Year. Yes, given where Cyclone Kimi is at the moment we are glad to be well south. Ahh, dreaming of Canada. We are still hopeful – things change very quickly these days, but we are fully aware that it may be next year before we get to the land of Maple Syrup.

  2. Hi Chris. Yes, Got to love the weather! ‘Reasonably’ is probably the pertinent word – we would have loved more opportunities to walk during the month but one must make do with what one is offered.

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