Aboard Sengo – November 2020

Sengo – Lady Musgrave lagoon

2020 is coming to a close (to the probable great relief of a great many people; some of us had a horrendous year). Sengo’s actual ‘cruising year’ started late, but she did reach her intended destination. And we stuck around the Keppel Group as long as we could. By the end of November however we had started to head south. Whilst we didn’t get to all the islands in the Keppel Group, we are grateful we did at least get to some of the Great Barrier Reef, albeit briefly. Aboard Sengo November 2020 is 5.4 Meg.

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – November 2020

  1. Can’t believe you had never been to Humpy island at the Keppels. It is a favourite of ours.
    Nice to see you finally made it to the reef. Let’s hope for an easier season next year!

    • Hi Chris. I can see why! ‘Such a lovely spot! It was actually a QPWS Ranger who insisted we should definitely make the effort to visit Humpy Island. Yes, I do hope next year’s season is easier, although if all goes to plan at our end, ours will be shorter; we have some other activities in mind between sailing. But….. if plans don’t necessarily go precisely as we hoped, we will just do what we did this year and go with the flow (with hopefully a little less general apprehension)

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