Aboard Sengo – October 2020

‘Still in ‘The Keppels’ – although so far this season we’ve only actually visited two islands of the Keppel Isles group. October was characterized by bush, beaches, storms and sea-beds. And between a blown a fuse and a pulled hamstring….

Aboard Sengo October 2020 is 4.1 Meg

4 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – October 2020

  1. A long stretch in the Keppels… it did not sound like a particularly exciting month. I guess Covid has stuffed up the cruising plans of a lot of people, even if we are among the lucky ones who got away. Hope your battery hassles have sorted themselves out. Might see you on the way south.

    • Hi Chris, I suppose we need to make our own excitement when, due to no fault of our own, we get stuck in the one place. The batteries are working brilliantly….oh for the love of a ‘fuse.’ We are not hurrying south so will catch up with you when we can.

  2. BTW the foul smelling bloom collecting in the marina and out on the surface of the ocean in slicks is not coral spawn but algal bloom – Trichidesmium – a toxic algae.

    • Thanks Chris! It is definitely a foul smell. I can only relate what the locals tell me. Unfortunately not all of them are experts, and unfortunately neither are they interpretive guides. More’s the pity.

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