Aboard Sengo – February 2021

February’s newsletter was a long time coming. Our land-based off-boat adventure took a lot of mental energy in its preparation, sometimes to the point of repetitive monotony. As a result, writing up eight days of, mostly inane, activity was the last thing on my mind as we said a temporary goodbye to Sengo on the 8thof the month. February’s ‘Aboard Sengo’ newsletter is short and small. 3.1 Meg. 

So what did we do for the rest of the month? We went south. Out of the heat, and out of the humidity. We went to Tassie! 

But this trip wasn’t a typical holiday, or not most of it anyway. We went walking – on a somewhat longer track than anything we had been training on. I had intended starting another blog for this, and potentially more, walking excursions, however I haven’t yet got around to it; so in the mean time I have attached a write-up of our Tassie trek onto this blog – on the Plodding Along page.

Oh, and ten points to the readers who worked out that the photo on the front of last month came from October 2020!

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – February 2021

    • Hi Sue! Tassie was mostly enjoyable – the exception was when I got an injury that held us up for a while. Having slept on board Sengo for the fisrt time in over two months last night, I’ve fallen easily back into a normal routine this morning – it is like we’ve never left!

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