Aboard Sengo – September 2020

Clam Bay, Great Keppel Island

The northerlies have started, therefore, it is time to head south. Isn’t it? No hang on! We might be late in the season but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped going north. Whilst some of this year’s cruisers have turned around and started to head to more southern climes (or home), we are not going anywhere yet. At the start of the month we were on the Curtis Coast mainland near the Turkey Beach settlement. At the end of the month, however, we had actually reached our hoped for 2020 cruising season destination; The Keppel Isles . And given the year we’ve had we are going to stay here for as long as we can and enjoy ourselves. So September’s northerlies just meant we sheltered in appropriate bays and waited until the wind dissipated so we could continue to enjoy the tropics. Aboard Sengo September 2020 is 5.6 MEG.

4 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – September 2020

  1. Good to see you two are continuing your fitness regime and are walking regularly. Great also to have Anapa as company! It feels a bit like a ‘nothing’ year when you do little of what you would have hoped, but we have to be grateful for our relative freedom!

    • Hi Chris. We are doing what we can, although our walks in September have been drastically shorter than they have been in the past few months. Agreed we do have to be grateful for our freedom, there are so many people (most of the world) that are in a much worse place than we are. On the upside of this crazy year, we are getting to explore a few places we’ve not been before.

  2. Keppels is a great place for the changeable seasons, with anchorages for all winds. Watch out for the thunderstorms and changes coming from the SW. Probably a bit later on though, more like October or November.

    • Hi Catherine, Great to hear from you! Thanks for the tip re the storms; we will definitely be on the watch for them. As we are now getting to the end of October the likelihood is getting greater. I hope you are keeping warm where you are ; I was sent pictures of snow a few weeks ago. We still have plans to get south down to your neck of the woods at some point but given the current Covid situation I am a bit reluctant to go south of the border in case we can’t get back. Perhaps the end of next year.

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