Aboard Sengo – August 2020

What a slap!

It may be a bit obvious at this stage but August’s newsletter is a bit late. Ironically I had the text for August mostly completed by the end of the month but I have been a bit slack in the photographic management department (for quite a while) and at first the problem of accessing the photos I wanted without loading them on to my computer (which is fairly full) seemed a bit overwhelming. Whilst I haven’t solved the problem, I have at least finished August’s newsletter. Of course, the year of 2020 has turned out to be something other than expected (for everyone on the planet) and specifically for us, we weren’t originally supposed to be cruising in August; we were supposed to be in Canada. So whilst I haven’t included reference to everything we had booked on our Canadian tour, I have put notes in the document of a couple of the main activities…. so I can reminisce of things to come (if that is at all possible!) Aboard Sengo August 2020 is 5.1 Meg.


2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – August 2020

  1. Hi Andrew and Trish, Just had a look at your adventures and the photos are lovely. Thanks for the long chat and having lunch with us at the Mungungo Pub. 🙂 from Janelle

    • Hi Janelle, It was great to have lunch with you two too. In our lifestyle we love meeting and spending time with others on the water/road. Hopefully we can catch up with you again around ‘the traps.’

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