Aboard Sengo – July 2020

Heading North

Whistling kites, Sea eagles, Eastern Boobook owls, bush birds and cormorants; some of the pleasant (if not sometimes harsh) noises we have heard around our Gold Coast ‘local area’ of the past 9 months. We’ve also seen dolphins, dugongs and turtles, although I’ve not always noted these in the diary notes. Friendly locals have also helped make our stay at Paradise Point and surrounds more pleasant, but finally, at the end of July, we managed to escape the civilisation that has been our life (under circumstances both under and out-of our control) for this extended period of time. The 2020 sailing season is fast disappearing. Finally we are in a position to start enjoying it. Aboard Sengo July 2020 is 4.3 Meg.

6 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – July 2020

  1. Hope the new batteries are continuing to perform well, and that the feet are good now. Must be so good to be finally sailing again. 6 years! Surely not. 😏. Doesn’t seem anything like that. But, we have been in Adelaide nearly two years now! ⏰🦅

    • Hi Sue. The batteries are brilliant. I have full confidence that they will continue to do what they are supposed to do. It almost seems surreal to be sailing and travelling again, I am at a bit of a loss mentally really, it is so different to what we have been doing recently. The feet are continuing to not give me any issues, for which I am thankful. looking back it is hard to comprehend six years; it did, in the scheme of things, go very quickly. However there were moments in there that lasted forever. I can’t believe you’ve been in Adelaide for two years either (scaringly that means it is two years since we completed our circumnavigation of the mainland!)

  2. OMG 7 months at Paradise Point, we thought we were unlucky with 3 months in Melbourne and 2 in the Gippsland Lakes. It has been a rather ordinary first half of the year hasn’t it! Six years on board is quite a milestone though!

    • Hi Chris. Seven months of 2020 in Paradise Point (which actually started, tragically, earlier) was admittedly gratefully warmer than seven weeks in both the Ceduna area (SA) and Macquarie Harbour (TAS) when we got stuck in both places because of the anchor winch issues; but this year has been more stressful. Whilst you will agree, given your recent experiences, that being stuck anywhere is frustrating (sometimes ‘exceedingly’), 2020 has certainly thrown us all some extra challenges. The six years on board Sengo however seem to be a bit of a blur at the moment if I think about it… I still can’t believe it is two years since we came around the bottom!

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