Aboard Sengo – May 2020

Southport from South Stradbroke Island


Waiting, waiting. Being good little citizens we didn’t move much from our ‘localised’ area during May, or head north as we were itching to do (night time temperatures were getting a little chillier than we preferred). With international travel plans interrupted we were waiting for local travel permissions to be defined, and if we could head off early enough we might even get back to the Whitsunday’s this year if government directives and the weather allowed. On 31st May the Queensland government announced further easing of restrictions would start on 1st June – cruising was going to be ‘back on’.  We spent May moving between our ‘civilised’ anchorage at Paradise Point and our ‘isolated’ anchorages near the Jumpinpin Bar, at the top of South Stradbroke Island. Aboard Sengo May 2020 is 3.4 Meg.

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – May 2020

  1. Thanks Trish. Glad your test was negative, which wasn’t surprising. Bummer about your trip plans being on hold, but NZ will welcome you. Have the curtains been finished? Sounds like a saga.

    • Hi Sue! Yes, I wasn’t surprised either at the Covid result, but you never know…. The curtains are close, they just need me in ‘an enthusiastic mood’ to finish them off. As for NZ – we await what the future holds – I have just had an email from a kiwi who informs me the current quarantine period is four weeks! Two we were expecting – four seems excessive….we will wait to see how it pans out – perhaps NZ gets relegated back to next year….
      (addendum 10th June: I think I was asleep yesterday; the four weeks referred to mean two weeks at either end of the the journey – prospect of NZ now back on the table)

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