Aboard Sengo – April 2020

Sengo: Jumpinpin anchorage

April is a month of snapshots, lots of snapshots. And as a result Aboard Sengo April 2020 is quite large, even after I’ve reduced the quality of some of the photos (they will be fuzzy). Recreational boating restrictions made no difference to The Gold Coast boating fraternity this month and we spent April floating around trying (unsuccessfully) to avoid the crowds. Aboard Sengo April 2020 (10.7 Meg)

4 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – April 2020

  1. Funny, we were envious of interstate boaters… being stuck in Victoria with stringent restrictions and amidst people who actually respect the rules. Now we think there are too many idiots up north and we are probably safer in the Gippsland Lakes! Good to see you are using the time to get fitter and do boat cleaning jobs. Stay safe.

    • You ‘are’ probably safer in the Gippsland Lakes, albeit a bit cooler. I will say however, from a purely logical point of view, (Ignoring the belligerent groups) if a family is out in their boat with no one else around, who are they really affecting? And is it any different to being stuck inside a land based house? The issue probably comes with transport, stopping for fuel etc and the contact with other people there…. putting that in the current context though, if they are willing to break the rules, they are unpredictable and always to us a cause for concern. I can’t wait to get away from the crowds….
      In terms of getting fitter, I am actually enjoying that; it is nice to really explore your surrounds, rather than just park next to them. I can’t necessarily say I am enjoying the boat jobs though…..

    • Lol. Well, yes. Good Point! Attitudes probably have a hint of historical culture in them. Would it surprise you if I mentioned that the inhabitants of western Tasmania are probably just as bad, from both a belligerent and environmental perspective. We are certainly a mixed country when it comes to our thoughts and opinions…it is a pity we don’t all agree to work together.

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