Aboard Sengo – March 2020

Sunset: Tiger Mullet Channel

By March 2020 the World had came to the realisation that a virus that was becoming a problem in China around December 2019 had efficiently, thanks to its human hosts’ propensity to travel to exotic places and back again (including those on ‘boats’), invaded almost every corner of known humanity. Australia is isolated but not immune and by the end of the month her citizens were asked to follow some pretty drastic measures, including social distancing and if necessary, self isolation. Living on a boat prepares one nicely for such actions and unlike others we have not seen a major change in our routine. It doesn’t mean however that we haven’t noticed any changes to the behaviour of the population at large, but it does mean that we are not all that effected by the new government requirements. We spent the month hiding from weather, and from people… at least until the 27th March! Aboard Sengo March 2020 is 5.5 Meg.


6 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – March 2020

  1. Your experience with getting the prints delivered sounds really distressing. Hope you did finally get them, and that they now have pride of place on board.

    • Hi Sue! Yes ‘distressing’ is definitely a good way of describing it.The lass at the IGA did hand over the prints at the time and Print2Metal apologised for the cracked print (surprised they didn’t pick it up in factory) and very promptly sent me another one, via Australia Post this time. The prints are hanging on the wall in our bedroom overlooking us.

  2. We feel exactly the same way about living on a boat. Not much has changed for us (except that we are sheltering in a marina rather than at anchor while The Captain recovers from a ridge injury). But the changes for the world around us are seismic and devastating. And many boaters have not been so lucky. We have many friends that are stuck in anchorages around the globe that they do not wish to be in waiting for the borders to reopen. We’ve been ground crew for two vessels that managed to get themselves out of Panama and are arriving in Mexico today. Stay safe.

    • Hi Lisa! Lovely to hear from you! I am sure you have mixed feelings about where you are in your current stage of circumnavigation. Please make sure you both stay safe and be careful. I get the feeling Mexico is not reporting much and after reading about some Americans coming back from holidays there with the virus, and one of my accommodations providers for our scheduled overseas trip later in the year (which we may or may not get to) cancelling our booking without explanation whilst she was in the middle of her self isolation period after returning from her Mexican holiday (and who has not responded to my query which is out of character) I am a bit suspicious of their statistics. We too know people who are stuck in remote anchorages, although the couple stuck in Bonaire admit they probably have it better than most. Best wishes for the Captain’s recovery. We have interesting times ahead….

    • Hi Chris. Yes, I guess if we are going to be around for a while it makes sense to explore and get to know our surrounds a bit more (social distance complaint of course). Unfortunately I think everyone is going to be pretty much ‘stuck’ where they are (ish) for at least the short term, government directives pending. I am glad you are all safe, albeit, from what I can see of your weather forecast, a bit colder than us. 🙂 keep warm. Stay safe.

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