Aboard Sengo – October 2019

Anchored off Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser Island

For cruisers of both the permanent and seasonal kind, October is the month that the question arises – ‘where do we want to be for the cyclone season?’ For some of us at least, the answer is reliant on our insurance restrictions. For others, plans are already in place to be well-south of tropical latitudes. Sengo and her crew did manage to get a bit further north and touch the Great Barrier Reef in October, but by the end of the month we had turned around and were well below our insurance line. We were however, still in Queensland, finishing the month anchored off South Stradbroke Island opposite Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast. The plan is still to be in Victoria for the Festive Season but we will have to wait until after scheduled annual maintenance and hope for good weather before we head further south. Enjoy Aboard Sengo October 2019 (The file is 8.7 Meg).

8 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – October 2019

    • Hi Sue! Oh most definitely. I wont be snorkelling without one from now on, and I suspect neither will Andrew, having come very close to a potentially agonising experience. And whilst we didn’t have them on at the time, wet suit gloves are probably not a bad idea as well

      • It just means we have a bit more prep to do before we jump in the water. In my case it is probably just as well. I have very light skin and a suit will protect me from the sun as well…although I am not sure about the skin cancer specialist’s comment yesterday calling me a ‘pale frog!’

    • And you too! See you next week…Unfortunately yearly maintenance is a necessary chore..I can think of much nicer places I’d rather catch up with you than Boat Works!

  1. I know and love that anchorage. Hey, wait a minute, didn’t we first meet you around these parts in 2016? I know we were together in Middle Percy and the Whitsundays at the same time, but I am thinking we may have met here first. Ages and sea miles have addled the mind. I see you are headed back down Victoria Way (after you work through that repair list this month)! Will you continue onward again to Tasmania or are other plans in store?

    Your pictures from Lady Musgrave have me longing to return to Australian waters. We were unable to visit Lady Musgrave given [medical] treatments and schedules that had us regrettably racing to Darwin. The reef images are gorgeous in my opinion in spite of your ‘feelings of being rushed’. Thank goodness you and Andrew were wearing suits to protect from the stingers.

    That sky in Tin Can Bay looks most unwelcoming. 54 knots!!!! Oh my! As you say, thankfully, you held.

    • Hi Lisa, Lovely to hear from you. Yes, time and sea miles do definitely addle the brain. Andrew’s spreadsheet helps us keep track of dates and places and people. The aim from here on is definitely another attempt at circumnavigating Tassie after the festive season in Melbourne – weather pending of course. ‘loved your post on your travels in Columbia!

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