Aboard Sengo – September 2019

Race Day. Burnett River

The overall gain in nautical miles north for Sengo in September was nil. Zip! Nada! Zero! Admittedly we did move her around one nautical mile downstream to the marina, but then a couple of days later we moved her back again, to upstream of the Sugar Sheds on the Burnett River. There were reasons for this; none of them planned and none of them wanted. And with the delay in timing we were seriously considering making this location our zenith for this year; or we could start to call it home, we’d been here so long. Issues aside we did get to see some new country and meet some new cruisers. Enjoy Aboard Sengo September 2019. (The file is 7 Meg)

4 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – September 2019

    • Hi Sue! I have to say I was very happy for the guards for the bowling, but the irony is that I bowled better with them in place. Tiger’s plumbing issues are now thankfully back to normal……and for that he is very grateful!

  1. Cute meerkats! Gee, Tiger has been to the vet a lot! It seems every newsletter has reports of struggles for your fur baby…
    Have you been out of Bundy after all that this month? Any reef trip?

    • Hi Chris. Yes the meerkats were very cute. Such great personalities – they did love a chat. As for the other fur baby – poor Tiger has been through the ringer for the past couple of months but most of his issue last month has been recovering from medication, not his original symptoms. He is now back to normal – thankfully. You will also be pleased to know we actually got a bit further north than Burnett Heads this month – October’s by-line however is: We made the Reef – but not the Tropics……Ahh well, next season.

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