Aboard Sengo – August 2019

Near low tide: Platypus Bay, Fraser Island

Not quite the tropics….yet. But we are close (in relative terms). Sengo continued north in August; travelling from Jacobs Well in the Broadwater south of Brisbane, to Burnett Heads north of the Great Sandy Straits and on the mainland west of the top of Fraser Island. As usual, there was a bit of ‘sheltering’ from weather, but her crew made sure they got out and enjoyed the warm days when they could. We stopped in mainly previously known locations but there were a couple of new anchorages – and one very new experience. Enjoy Aboard Sengo August 2019. (The file is 8.8 Meg)

6 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – August 2019

  1. Glad Tiger recovered from his illness. Fortuitous that you and a few others were on hand to assist the distressed Minke whale. Hope it found its way out to sea safely. You seem to be getting time to actually enjoy a bit of recreation up there in the warmer weather. 🙂

    • Hi Sue, Yes we are very grateful Tiger is now back to his normal self. As for the whale, we too hope it found its way out to sea safely – but whether it was old enough to survive on its own or needed further nurturing is not to be known. And the weather….it is so nice to be warm…….

  2. God, this is a month of animals in distress! Way too much info on Tiger! 😀🐈

    Good job with the whale, though! We did hear about the stranding on the news and did not realise you were part of the rescue crew.

  3. Hi Chris. The whale experience was a bit surreal – everything happened in a hurry – which of course it needed to. I’d like to think that we wouldn’t be needed again but whales are always going to beach, probably more because of human factors these days than natural ones…. The cutty-cab picked us up because we were the closest boat – a few hours earlier there were two other boats anchored to our north so had they not moved we may have not got the opportunity to be involved. Yes, sorry about the gritty Tiger details; to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t be bothered editing my tech email down (I did actually take out a couple e of the more potentially controversial words).

  4. Great work guys – you were in the right place at the right time and gave the whale a good chance!
    What an amazing experience!

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