Aboard Sengo – July 2019

Grafton, Clarence River

After an extended time exploring the Clarence River in northern NSW we finally made the jump to ‘sunny’ Queensland. Both the days and nights (thankfully) are getting warmer but we are still aiming for more northerly cruising grounds this season, even if they aren’t quite as far north as we’d hoped. Enjoy Aboard Sengo July 2019 (The file is 9.2 MEG (I am trying to keep these files as small as possible but my conversion to .pdf always seems to make the file bigger than it’s Word equivalent!)

4 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – July 2019

    • Hi Sue, lol. Yes, I suppose, thinking about it, perhaps the reminder sign could be utilised elsewhere – ‘freeway on-ramps’ come to mind. We will enjoy the warm – and hopefully ‘the warmer’ with a bit less latitude. 🙂

  1. Good to hear you are finally in QLD! Some nice images up the Clarence.

    We hope to see you on the way back south. For now we are getting further away!

    • Hi Chris. Thanks. Yes, I see you guys inching your way further north. We will definitely be focussing on the journey this year rather than the destination – we’ve run out of time for anything else. Of course, it would be nice next season to have better weather sooner and no anchor winch issues! We will definitely catch up with you on your way south!

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