Aboard Sengo – June 2019

Underneath the Harwood Bridge(s). Clarence River.

‘Winter’ is generally referred to as the official ‘cruising season’ and for the ‘southerners’ the northerly migration usually starts in April or May; coinciding with the annual whale migration up the eastern coast of Australia. As usual we are a bit late… but we are on our way to join the hordes. At the end of June however the fabled tropics are still a distant dream!

Enjoy Aboard Sengo June 2019. (The file is 9 Meg)

10 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – June 2019

  1. Envy the warm weather. Cold, damp and windy in Adelaide. I’m guessing Tiger chose not to go swimming this time. 😏. Enjoy the warm. Sue

    • Hi Sue. Whilst the overnight temperatures here are still cold, we are definately in a more enviable climate than you at the moment. Tiger, thankfully rarely goes outside the cockpit and I am sure he still wonders what the fluid stuff is at tne bottom of the stairs. Stay warm and rugged up. Trish

  2. Finally got the time and internet service to read the newsletter. We have never been up the Clarence, something to think about for when we head south! But right now we are enjoying the warmth in the middle of winter! Leaving the Whitsundays today to head further north to new territory for us.

    • Hi Chris. Oh just rub it in. 🙂 Actually, our days arent too bad (when there is minmal winds) but we’ve just had an apparent temperature reading (bom.gov.au) of 0.3 degrees! The Clarence is very pleasant but depending on your air draft, I suspect you are probably going to be restricted to the downstrram side of Lawrence in Anui. The guide indicates a powerline height of 28 meters..it has been changed to 22m! (gave us a fright..we are a 24.5 metre air draft.). Enjoy your travels up north. There is lots to see.

  3. Love the cover shot with Sengo, Andrew and the bridge. Perfect composition!

    Happy belated to Andrew. Sounds like a wet one but luckily you had the company of good friends (and foul weather gear) to keep you warm (and dry).

    Delighted to hear that Tiger managed to stay on board this time around in Dutchman’s Bay.

    Looks like you managed to sail from grey skies to blue by the end of the month. Hope it is all sunshine for you going forward.

    Wonderful imagery throughout as always.

    • Thank you Lisa. Lovely to hear from you. We are definitely getting bluer skies (and warmer weather) as we head north, for which the skipper is very grateful. 🙂

  4. Great photo coming under the old and new bridge. I live here but have never seen the bridge open from that angle.

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