Aboard Sengo – May 2019

At Tamar River Cruises’ jetty: Photo (c) Vicki Johnson

Cold. Chilly. Skipper Getting Grumpy. All statements lead to the conclusion that…..We Are Too Far South! So with dreams of sunshine and warmer climes we finally left Australia’s southern most State and headed north. It wasn’t all smooth sailing – we did have to wait for several strong weather systems to pass us, but we did make progress – making our way around 650 nautical miles toward the tropics…..Enjoy Aboard Sengo May 2019   (The file is 6.7 Meg)

4 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – May 2019

  1. Good to see you are progressing to warmer climes. Interesting to read your comment about the change of temperature at the Vic/NSW border… we found a similar thing happened last year when we crossed into QLD! Hopefully you will soon get there. Lots of strong SE… should blow you northward fast!

    • Hi Chris. We are working on the ‘sooner’ rather than ‘later’. We had good winds for the past couple of days to get north but unfortunately the 3-5 meter swell was going to overtake us – and having gone out in 3-5 predicted (it was probably plus) swell going around the North West Cape near Exmouth, I really don’t want to deliberately go out in it again. We should be on our way again within a week. In the mean time, there is mail to wait for – and a music festival we hope to at least see one or two performances of.

  2. Quite a trip from The Bass Strait to Port Stephens. Glad you’ve arrived safely. Mainsheet blocks breaking at 0230 whilst crossing the Bass Strait sounds horrifying.

    Those cloud filled skies on 11 May are gorgeous as is the overlook of Morning Bay/Towlers Bay

    Oh to visit Cottage Point again. I still don my t-shirt from there proudly.

    I hope you find your way to warmer temps soon.

    • Hi Lisa, Yes, the mainsheet block bursting in the middle of the night was challenging. We are now further north than Port Stephens and despite a deliberate temporary stop, days are still not quite what the captain would call ‘consistently ‘adequately’ warm’. There is still some ‘north’ to go for this season’s sailing.

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