Aboard Sengo – April 2019

Hawks Nest

Tasmanian Circumnavigation? Nope! It was Tasmanian ‘Circum-nogo!’ Between weather systems and recalcitrant anchor winches we found ourselves too late in the season to comfortably keep travelling counter clockwise around Tasmania. So, when the skipper was starting to get beyond grumpy with the cold and the opportunity arose with an appropriate weather window to leave Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania’s west coast we turned north, and not south as originally intended. We had one task to complete before we left Tassie however and at the end of the month we were still ‘in’ the Apple Isle. Just like last month I’ve gone a bit overboard with photos and whilst I have reduced some in size (and subsequently they may be fuzzy) the file is still larger than normal. Enjoy Aboard Sengo April 2019 (The file is 10.7 Meg)





6 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – April 2019

  1. What a fantastic idea to have taken the chopper flight to Port Davey! Re helping with lessening reflections in your photos… for the next time: you need to get a rubber lens hood and put the lens right against the glass. The rubber lens squashes against the glass and cuts down reflections. If you can’t get the lens hood, still put the camera against the glass and get some black cloth to cover your camera! We are intending to get a flight to the outer reef this winter, and I’ll be ready!

    Great sunset shot on the Tamar by the way.

    • Thanks, Chris. And thanks for the great tip…not that we expect to be taking a lot of chopper rides – but I can think of other situations that will be applicable to. 🙂

  2. While your Tamanian Circumnavigation was a Circum-nogo, I still envy you for having sailed far further south than we did (we only made it to 33.8743° S). Oh, the beauty that we missed. So glad I can experience it with you vicariously here.

    Love the autumnal feel of these shots (the panorama of Strahan, the clouds and rainbows on the Gordon River, and those magnificent colors on Lake Fiddler and again along the shores at Marion’s Vineyard). And that colorful sunset at Home Point Landing is delightful.

    I also thank you for letting me enjoy those views from the helicopter. Never been in one. They scare me.

    • Thanks Lisa, The afternoon and morning light on some of the scenery was magnificent – and Marion’s Vineyard really highlighted the autumnal yellows and greens in both the morning and evening light – I had to stop taking photographs. Helicopter rides are not for everyone – and there is always some element of risk, but they do provide one with a completely different perspective on the world. My first helicopter ride was over Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory in a aircraft that had no doors! We were invited to lean out and stand on the skids if we wanted to get a better angle for photographs! My hair was a tight ball of mess at the end of it and I couldn’t say anything but ‘Wow’ for the next two hours!

      • It did take me a moment of courage to go up – we had been planning on a scenic aeroplane trip but the next couple at Jabiru airport were booked out. It was Andrew who suggested the helicopter – he’d been in one over the Grand Canyon in the US.

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