When your whole world falls apart…

..it is hard to know how you are going to go on.

In November and December 2019 and  at the start of January 2020 we were definitely not ‘purring along’ and Sengo is now, tragically, down to two crew members.

I would like to acknowledge the (very) few individuals that gave us support and love and complete understanding during this time – with follow-up phone calls and visits to see that we were okay. I will note there were others however who initially seemed understanding but were ultimately insensitive and offensive, and I ask them – ‘ if Andrew was no longer with me would you have asked ‘Are you going to get another husband?’’

My initial thought had been to publish a combination Aboard Sengo, where I extracted what has previously been written in my diary notes about the non-nursing periods for November and December and put them in with January 2020. However, I found looking back, that extracting those moments from around notes on our lives around our fur baby were going to be far too painful, so I am officially skipping November and December 2019 as individual newsletters. Post ‘Poo’ activity has been a little different to normal and there are photos of some nice places, so Aboard January 2020 has become a normally thick document. Aboard Sengo January 2020 (around 11 Meg)

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