Aboard Sengo – January 2019

Werribee River Trail

Sengo spent most of the month of January tied up at dock at Wyndham Harbour Marina at Werribee South, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria. This allowed us to catch up on some maintenance work with the convenience of access to land, as well as easily catch up with a whole bunch of people we hadn’t seen for years. We also took the opportunity to look around a bit – having come from the east side of Melbourne we were unfamiliar with the attractions of the west. Werribee of course is known for Werribee Mansion, Werribee Open Range Zoo and Shadowfax Winery. We left these attractions to the tourists and instead went wandering where the locals go. Enjoy Aboard Sengo January 2019. (The file is 7.3 MEG)

12 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – January 2019

  1. Glad you did some walking and bird watching and discovered Serendip too. We can relate to the effort of taking off and putting back the mainsail! Getting our new main next week, the old ragged and torn one came off after our shakedown cruise. Hope you get away to Tassie soon.

    • Hi Chris, I was hoping to get to the You Yangs as well but only got to admire it from afar….mind you, as we are now anchored off Geelong, if the weather stays the way it is, we might yet have the opportunity. Your new main should be fabulous – we are going to try and get a few more years out of our current one. There might be a possibility of heading south in a week – but as you know, the weather has a way of changing and mucking up schedules……

      • Our main is the original one – 18 years old, and we put two holes in the bottom panel and ripped one of the reef tabs when we first used it! It was pretty obvious it was past it. We managed the shakedown cruise with it, but the new main was ordered before we left. Just as a piece of advice, if you haven’t done this already, make sure you have shade cloth mesh at the bottom of your boom bag, as reflected light from the deck kills the bottom of your sail if any of the sail cloth is exposed!

    • Hi Cheryl. Lovely to hear from you! The aim is Tasmania but the wind is a tad strong for a Bass Strat Crossing at the moment (or any time in the next week!). xx

      • Sounds great. I have retired from LLN. Things have changed a lot.
        We r camping at Sorrento at the moment. Very windy here though. You are having an amazing time. Love the journal.
        Keep safe. Xx Cheryl

  2. We never brought Amandla south of Sydney but did manage a visit to Wyndham Harbour by car! What a wonderful place to moor and give Sengo (and yourselves) some loving care. That sunset photo is glorious.

    Truly, your pictures throughout the blog are stunning with those along the Werribee River Trail being exceptional!

    Glad you survived the anchoring experience in Geelong with gale force winds. Sounds like quite a challenge, but luckily you got it sorted well enough in the end and avoided the worst of the area’s weather!

    Looking forward to sailing along with you virtually to Tassie.

    Hugs to Andrew and Tiger.

    • Thanks Lisa. The wind guage read 45knots two days ago…and we didnt budge! (One of the Bass Strait Islands read 69 knots on the same day so we are very glad we weren’t out there!). Thank you for the compliment for the photos….I am slowly trying to get better shots…(but compared to your’s I have some way to go). Sail safe. ‘Look forward to your next installment. xxx

      • Thanks Lisa – If I can get my landscape photos anywhere near as good as your people shots and street scenes I will be a happy girl. And brace yourself, I suspect I am about to go overboard with landscape photos for the next couple of months! We have just anchored in Tasmanian waters…. Bass Strait crossing was ‘interesting’ according to Andrew, but only slightly uncomfortable considering the reputation of that piece of water – I am pleased we made it intact.

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