Aboard Sengo – December 2018

Sunset. Two Fold Bay, Eden

There is a saying: ‘If you want something done quickly give the job to a busy person’. And in a previous life I was such a busy person. But in this life, I find myself with a little more time up my sleeve, so nothing gets done in a hurry. That said, one quarter of December was spent waiting for a weather window, one third of December was spent travelling (from the Gold Coast, Queensland to Port Phillip Bay, Victoria) and the rest was essentially recovering. Throw in the Festive Season and some overdue reunions with friends we hadn’t seen for many years (scheduling them into the final days of 2018), and  I just didn’t really have the energy to complete December’s newsletter before the end of the month . Never the less, time marches on and with only a couple of weeks to go before the end of January of 2019, I thought perhaps this post was a tad overdue. Enjoy aboard sengo december 2018. The file is 3.9 MEG

4 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – December 2018

  1. You made good time considering the late departure and conditions! Well done guys. We are still at Boat Works but hoping to leave on Friday… famous last words!

    • Hi Chris, Yes, We were very lucky with the timing in the end (although at one stage there was a seven day gap that looked like it would get us to Melbourne in one go). Fingers crossed for you for your ‘final’ departure from The Boat Works…

  2. Another good read Trish. You missed out on Round & Round coffee by a week. 🙁. Andy & Jess are in the Discovery Park at Boydtown (Eden) for another week before heading south. We will see them mid Feb. Have a good ‘break’ in Melbourne. Sue

    • Thanks Sue. I am sorry we missed Andy and Jess – you know we will make an effort for good coffee (we had expected to cross paths with them originally on the Fraser Coast). What a great lifestyle they have, selling coffee at caravan parks as they travel…. And, yes, well, ‘break’ is only a metaphorical ideal…..we have been undertaking the usual routine maintenance whilst docked in Melbourne…. and then some…..

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