Aboard Sengo – February 2019

Gordon River, Tasmania

Out of Victoria… and into Tasmania. Hanging on the pick in Corio Bay is not at all unpleasant. It is comfortable (most of the time) and convenient. But it is not where we wanted to be. After three weeks hanging off the ‘Bay City’, being an unofficial turning mark for the laser dinghies  and a curiosity for the yacht club members who were asking why we were ‘anchored so far out!’,  we finally got an opportunity to head south. So down the ‘dreaded’ west coast of Tasmania we went – into the ‘roaring 40’s.’ Fortunately we avoided the ‘roaring’ and arrived in mild weather. Enjoy Aboard Sengo February 2019. (The file is 6.5 Meg).

6 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – February 2019

  1. Tiger is looking good, and obviously being his usual, helpful self. Is the spot where you tied up at St Johns Falls the same one the float plane uses? The Cessna floatplane we went on some years back, lands on the river. But it might have been further up as there was no sign of any boats. Beautiful spot. Hope it won’t get cold too quickly there.

    • Hi Sue, St John’s Falls is indeed a beautiful spot. The float plane pontoon is attached to the St Johns Fall’s Jetty and we do admit to tying our tinnie off to the back of this when we visited the falls. However, Sengo was tied to Warner’s landing which is on the opposite side of the river – but within sight of St John’s Falls Jetty. The definition of ‘too cold’ is getting changed daily.

  2. Nice to see a few familiar spots on the Gordon River. Looking forward to seeing more of the West Coast through your eyes next month. Enjoy Tassie and take your time.

    • Hi Chris. The Gordon River needs good time in itself and whilst we are temporarily back in Strahan we will be going back to the river before we leave (we missed a few places I’d like to see because we were trying to avoid the hoards). We definitely intend to take our time here but temperatures are plummeting (skipper not too impressed) and it gusted to 40 knots in Strahan last night (early this morning) so I hate to think what it was outside.

      • Both Macquarie Harbour and Port Davey are places where you will get strong conditions and can get locked in for a while, but you also get crystal clear days… and yes you have to rug up! We had snow on the hills in April last year!

      • Oh!!! Don’t tell Andrew that!!!! 🙂 (Having said that we have hiked in snow in January in Tassie’s high country). Thirty minutes ago I got up to a most magnificent morning with sunshine shinging on the town – now the 95% chance of rain has started to fall and the blue is quickly disappearing (hail is a possibility). Tomorrow however is listed as ‘cloudy’ with 30% chance of showers. If we can leave early enough we might try to get to the Bird River Track.

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