Aboard Sengo – September 2018

Sengo from First Lookout Great Keppel Island

In September Sengo and its crew travelled a mere 120 nautical miles north-west as the Brown Booby flies – but we did do a bit of inland exploring, checking out the Fitzroy River on our way from the Burnett River to Rosslyn Bay. Time spent based at  Keppel Bay Marina meant we were also able to partake in some land-based activities as well. Enjoy Aboard Sengo September 2018 (the file is 8.2 MEG)

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – September 2018

  1. Just when we thought we might meet up with you in the Keppels, you have moved south! We see you did some land base sightseeing. Interesting to read about your foray up the Fitzroy river.

    We are likely to stay around the Keppels for a week while the SE blows then hopefully out to the reef.

    • Hi Chris, We would have loved to stay in the Keppel’s but we have a date with a slip yard (I know – never have a timeline (but it is flexible if need be). We will definitely spend more time at the Keppels next year. Enjoy the reef when you get there – another place we will spend more time at next year – now that we are back on the east coast! We look forward to catching up with you further south.

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