Aboard Sengo – October 2018

Sengo, Fraser Island

October was one of those rare months that the Aboard Sengo newsletter was actually written and very close to completed by the end of the month. However when I went to get final permissions, I found that the file was far too big for my liking to publish online. It woud take a few hours of reducing the size of the photos in it (which means quite a few may be fuzzy), but a few hours of a hot computer on my lap was not appealing during the days when the temperatures were in the mid thirties and the humidity was high (some days recorded 100% without rain!). As a result, I started the reduction exercise at 0300 one morning – having had a broken sleep wondering about Tiger (who’d had a little adventure the previous eventing by escaping to a deserted boat yard!). Cat was retrieved safely: mum just worried about how he was coping overnight (after stressing him out by trying to get the antifoul off his paws!).

October saw us heading south from Yeppoon but we only got to the Gold Coast. The weather presented us with some lovely calm days but there were more than a few windy, wet and wild periods. Of course at the end of the month it started to ‘fine up’ just as we were about get into some hard work. Always the way. Enjoy Aboard Sengo October 2018 which is now still a hefty 10.6 meg (but better than the 16 meg it was originally).



6 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – October 2018

    • Hi Chris, Yes there were moments when the heart skipped a beat, and of course we didn’t know quite how close that pesky thunder and lightning was going to come. After The Boat Works we head south!

    • Hi Dawn, Lovely to hear from you! Yes, All the storms were scary – and of course, the storm in Mooloolaba had the extra complications of nearby obstacles!

  1. Tiger you naughty boy! I am glad that he was retrieved safely.

    I remember the places in your newsletter well! You’ve captured them beautifully and are making me long to return. Luckily, we never faced tornado concerns given the time of year we visited. Those October skies look frighteningly gorgeous.

    Sadly, we never made it to Lady Musgrave so I very much enjoyed visiting it through your lens and words here.

    Regarding the marine laundry, perhaps it is my inner New Yorker, but I would have taken the other person’s clothes out of the machine after five minutes of waiting. If they can’t find their way to the launderette to pick up their clothes promptly, they should not be surprised to find them on top of the machine when they finally get around to it. But then I’m okay handling stranger’s underwear as long as it has been through a wash cycle. If you are not okay, simply remove the clothes using one of your own towels or some such as a barrier. No guilt necessary.

    Hugs from South Africa where we remain on weather watch and hope to be underway to Cape Town soon.

    • Hi Lisa, Great to hear from you. You will be pleased to know I think I am over my ‘washed undies’ allergy and will indeed follow your lead next time. The storms were spectacular, but as commented earlier, a little scary. Lady Musgrave is a must if you get back…the island a bringer of life for nesting seabirds and turtles, and the bringer of death for thos birds unfortunate enough to be caught up in the sticky bits of the Pisonia trees that they nest in. It is its own little ecosystem. Hope you get your weather window soon. We are also waiting for a weather window, the aspiration of the Festive Break in Melbourne however is seeming less and less likely. Hugs back

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