Aboard Sengo – August 2018

Sengo anchored near the confluence of the Mary and Susan Rivers, Great Sandy Straits

In August Sengo finally got to Queensland! And About time. After a few big jumps over the past couple of months we are now happily in warmer climes! We can now slow down, and this month we spent some time experiencing some of the nooks and crannies of the Great Sandy Straits. We still love what we are doing but over the past couple of months have had fellow cruisers start to say goodbye to the cruising life – there are four catamarans on the market that we know of and we will be sorry not to be sharing our oceans with these fellow sailors into the future. Enjoy Aboard Sengo August 2018. (The file is 6 MEG).

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – August 2018

  1. Yay warmth! But always sad to bid good friends adieu. What a wonderful way to start the month with a whale sighting. And how I enjoyed returning to Tin Can Bay and Gary’s anchorage Will you return to Middle Percy this time around?

    • Ahoy Lisa,
      Unfortunately we wont be returning to Middle Percy this year (where of course, we first met the lovely crew of Amandla) . The season is progressing and having had a late start our zenith for this season will be the Keppel Islands. Next year’s winter sailing season should see us get back to the Whitsunday’s with a bit of luck.

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