Aboard Sengo – July 2018

Sengo – Lemon Tree Passage

Progress!! Sengo and crew actually made northerly progress in July; leaving chilly Melbourne behind, resting briefly around Sydney’s northern suburbs, and finishing the month in Port Stephens (where we were delighted to find that socks were no longer necessary when we went to bed). It is getting warmer, and for that all crew are grateful. Enjoy Aboard Sengo July 2018. (The file is 5.6MEG).

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – July 2018

  1. Good to know you’ve made it out of the crazy winds and cool temps and found your way all the way back up to Port Stephens. Some gorgeous pictures as always with the picture of Lemon Tree Passage being something I would hang on my walls. Happy 4th anniversary on Sengo. Hugs to Andrew

    • Hi Lisa, thank you for your lovely comments. Yes, we are ‘finally’ out of the southern states in winter. When we got to Port Stephens, Andrew actually made the comment that if we had to winter somewhere ‘south’ Port Stephens might just be it. It is a lovely place that deserves a bit of time. The temperatures are rising and the wind is abating. And we have started to slow down. Hugs back.

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