Aboard Sengo – June 2017

From Twin Falls, King George River

On 7th June 2017 we left Darwin to head to The Kimberley. This was it. After all the planning we were finally heading west into ‘remote’ Western Australia. Of course it didn’t turn out to be that remote at all – we were just two of hundreds of tourists who were taking the same journey. Please find attached Aboard Sengo June 2017 (Apologies the file is 8.3 Meg).

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – June 2017

  1. I assume the poor cats eventually found their sea legs (or stomachs!). Looks like beautiful country/coast.

    • Unfortunately the cats didn’t quite get their sea legs – there was more to come. Tiger seems to have the most delicate constitution and we are bracing ourselves for the trip down to Perth….. the west coast of WA is notorious. We will have to wait and see… With reference to the coast – some places were just beautiful and you could quite easily settle in with the view….unfortunately though food shops are a long way away so your planning would need to be well in advance. Dugong Bay comes to mind – will be in August’s newsletter.

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