Aboard Sengo – May 2017

Sunset: Mindil Beach, Darwin

For various reasons, May’s Aboard Sengo Newsletter is short; not the least of which is that apart from a few distractions, we did very little in the month except clean the boat. I have also managed not to reminisce and waffle as well, keeping the document to around 3 MEG (and half the usual bulk). Because Sengo and its crew are heading into remote areas off the Western Australian coast, the June, July and possibly August newsletters may not be published for a few months. I apologise in advance for the delay. Enjoy Aboard Sengo May 2017.

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – May 2017

  1. That really was a short one 🙂 I’m sure the night at the opera was a bit more affordable than the equivalent in Melbourne. Trust the next sailing stint goes smoothly.

    • Thanks Sue. The night at the opera was just the right price. Melbourne Symphony should do a free showcase..they might be surprised at the success of the marketing. We are hoping for a very smooth sailing stint, with no issues and no close encounters with crocs! Cheers Trish

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