Aboard Sengo – April 2017

Katherine Gorge

The Road Trip is Over! Finally, after four months on the road we have returned to Darwin where we will soon be back on the water.  In a very rudimentary and non-detailed sense, we have essentially driven a half-loop around Australia, down the middle and back up to the east, but we are now looking forward to continuing the journey to the west by sea. Over the last four months we have:

  • driven approximately 19,000 kilometres,
  • stayed at 33 towns, roadhouses, or friend’s back-yards,
  • visited several National Trust properties, and numerous museums and visitors centres,
  • driven through or sampled several wine regions,
  • climbed mountains, traversed valleys and visited underground cave systems and mines, and
  • enjoyed the company of some very friendly and supportive fellow travellers.

We have also managed to catch up with a few friends we haven’t seen for many years.

Our trusty 2002 Pajero (Kinquaid) and the caravan it towed is now for sale. April’s newsletter is a biggish file at 7.9MEG (largely due to a few extra photos). Enjoy Aboard Sengo April 2017.

4 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – April 2017

    • Hi Sue. Yes, it brought a smile to my face. And I think its a very clever bit of marketing. If you are prepared to get your product in to ‘the middle of nowhere’ and have a catchy name and blurb, you are sure to do well. In the past we have beeen in outback ‘towns’ where obtaining a bottle of wine has been next to impossible….Outback Australia is most definately oriented around beer!

    • Thanks Dawn. I am so sorry we couldn’t get together when we were in Melbourne. It turned out to be an extremely stressful time for reasons I didnt elaborate in the newsletters. We will make sure we get together when we get back there. Xx Trish

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