Aboard Sengo – March 2017

Apologies as March’s newsletter is a bit late – and I really have no excuse for the delay. I have been reading more books lately so perhaps that has consumed a bit more of my time but I think it might have just been the lethargic nature of the wet month. We started the month in Bungendore, New South Wales. We ended it in Biggenden, Queensland. And there are still quite a few kilometres to go before we get back to Sengo in Darwin. Enjoy Aboard Sengo March 2017 (The file is 7.4 MEG).

6 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – March 2017

  1. Lucky you left Sengo in Darwin, and not somewhere in Qld. Trust the cyclonic weather hasn’t affected her. Looks like a damp road trip. We’ve just had two lovely weeks in NZ (south island) – had lovely weather. It has since been extremely wet there too.

    • Hi Sue, Yes, we have been lucky. I assume Sengo is ok – we haven’t heard to the contrary. I love New Zealand but the poor country was going to cop a reinvigorated Debbie AND Tropical Cyclone Cook. I am glad we are here – the last time I looked at the predicted width of the weather system in NZ it was almost all of the land mass.

    • Hi Lisa. I dont know how we have done it but we seem to have missed the (unpleasant) extremes of weather for the past six months or so -on land and on sea. (‘We’ meaning both Sengo and her temporarily separated crew). And for this we are exceptionally grateful…

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