Aboard Sengo – November 2015

Sengo, The Narrows

Going through The Narrows

Unlike October, where we were predominantly circling the main Whitsunday islands in a holding pattern waiting to head south, November has had a little more excitement – from the perspective of both sailing  (anchoring) challenges and new places to see – and we are thankful that this month had fewer days where we were required to hide from the wind. As it is coming toward the end of this year we are now starting to think about next year’s sailing season: 2016 is going to be a big year! Enjoy Aboard Sengo November 2015. (PDF file is 6.9M)

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – November 2015

  1. Good to see that you seem to be getting a lot more sailing/walking and sundowner time than ‘fixing stuff up’ time! Enjoy!

    • We are pleased with the greater activity. The ‘fixing stuff up’ and domestics time is usually related to hiding from the weather, which in November was minimal, thankfully.

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