Aboard Sengo – December 2015

Loggerhead Turtle, Mon Repos

Loggerhead Turtle, Mon Repos

What a frustrating time. About half way through December my darling Apple computer decided she was on strike and I haven’t yet been in a location where I can get her fixed. Subsequently, I am using Andrew’s computer with a new template – the old newsletter template I was using was a Word template for Apple which was not compatable with Andrew’s computer for editing. So with a lot of ‘strongly mild’ language I have fussed my way through a new template on an unfamiliar computer. I apologise in advance for any layout mistakes (the caption to each photograph comes to mind as the angle on each is not parallel to the photographs themselves).  Aboard Sengo December 2015 is 1.5MB. Enjoy

5 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – December 2015

    • Thanks Dawn, Happy New Year to you and the family too. And thanks for appreciating my newsletters. We are currently in the lovely historic town of Maryborough. So much history – so little space in the upcoming January Newsletter….

  1. Hi Trish and Andrew,
    Belated Christmas and new Year wishes to you and the kitties! I apologise that I didn’t get my usual Christmas email letter done this year, somehow time got away from me! Love reading about your adventures and seeing your lovely photos.
    Lynne xx

    • Thanks Lynne. Best wishes to you and W & S for the new year as well. Thank you for your kind comments. Tiger still loves his ‘fish-bird.’ xxx Trish

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