A slight delay

I know I am always late with my newsletters (monthly diary notes), and some cases are later than others. Whilst I havent been able to publish anything from my aged computer recently, I have still been able to produce the documents. Well that ended yesterday when the poor old thing gave up the ghost. I am hopeful I can salvage the documents on it (well, get a professional to do it) but I will need a new computer to keep writing. Timing was unfortunate because I was just about to publish both January’s and February’s write up. As it stands it will now be April before I can address this situation, by which time March’s newsletter will be due as well. I am writing this entry from my phone and unfortunately I cant even post any phone photos from January or February from this device because I got Andrew to clear them off a few days ago. So, for the few individuals who actually read the newsletters, I apologise but your bed time reading will be a bit late.

2 thoughts on “A slight delay

  1. Hi Andrew and Trish, It was good to meet up with you today. So glad we managed to get that data salvaged from that old MacBook. Looking forward to seeing all the news and adventures of the last few months.

    • Hi Lance! It was great to meet you too. And thank you so much for your time and advice. I am actually typing this reply from my new computer. Yay. Now to go and find those delayed newsletters!

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