Aboard Sengo – December 2021

(c) Trish Ebert 61 427 813 547

2021 was as crazy and as uncertain as 2020. although in the scheme of things we had it ‘pretty good.’ Being in Queensland meant we had more freedom to move about than those in Vic. and NSW and as such we went about life pretty much as a pre Covid normal, travelling around and exploring new places. We had tentatively tried for the ‘Whitsundays’ again this year but that didn’t happen, getting waylaid in September for a maintenance trip to Tassie. It was the second time we had been to Tassie in the year and on reflection we spent over one quater of 2021 in the ‘Apple Isle.’ At the start of December we were anchored off Kgari, a comfortable spot we are fond of. But the aim was The Gold Coast by Christmas so we made our way south, reaching out destination area by mid month. Aboard Srngo December 2021 is 4.2 meg.

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – December 2021

    • Hi Chris. Yes, we are, metaphorically, chafing at the bit for those planned trips. And, after the past year, I suspect we aren’t the only ones!

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