Aboard Sengo – August 2021

(c) Trish Ebert 61 427 813 547

August 2021 is, as usual, a bit late. But there are reasons for this. The first is that the last few days of August were taken up with a long walk and we took a while to recover and get ourselves back on track. This meant the only writing piece I finished shortly after the end of the month was for the walk, which can be found on the Plodding Along page. The second is that we had a looming renovation task in Tasmania and that took a bit of organising, and I didn’t have the headspace to backtrack a month. The third is that my computer is getting slower, more keys on the keyboard are giving up, and I haven’t had it serviced for several years, which means that I haven’t updated the operating system or my access to the internet since Fremantle. The problem with this is now I cant access my own WordPress site! So I am using Andrew’s computer to publish until such time as I can sort that out.

In August we were still exploring new places along the Central Queensland Coast; from Thirsty Sound to Mackay. We expected our stay at Mackay to be a couple of weeks – but we got distracted. Aboard Sengo is 7.4 Meg.

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – August 2021

  1. You two did some great walks! Lots of nice photos of the hinterland. Not sure about the leeches though. That would put me off! And good to see you are using your kayak, even if it sounds like a lot of work to set up and pack up!

    • Hi Chris. The leeches certainly kept us on our toes, so to speak. I got a couple of unexpected bites but the culprits were gone – the only gross incident was the one on Andrew’s back. As for the kayak, the pumping up takes only a few minutes, it is the rudder system that is driving us nuts – but worth sorting out as the beast is much less manouverable without it.

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