Aboard Sengo – July 2021

(c) Trish Ebert 61427813547

I do realise that Aboard Sengo July 2021 is somewhat a bit later than normal. But I have been fighting the keyboard amongst other things, and occupied with other activities. There may be a few spelling mistakes – you are going to have to put up with those. We spent two thirds of the month in places we’d not been to before so July was an interesting month for us. And mostly enjoyable.

Aboard Sengo July 2021 is 5.9 Meg

6 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – July 2021

  1. Good to see you visiting some new places, and staying out of reach of the plague. Hope the tinnie was able to be repaired. Well done on working around the keyboard issues too. So frustrating. Time to replace the computer? They aren’t made to last these days. We are currently using up the remaining ink cartridges in our printer, except the blue one as its printhead has clogged, and seems unfixable. We’ve got a new one ready to go, but I don’t want to waste all that expensive ink.
    Take care. Sue & David

    • Hi Sue and David. Lovely to hear from you. Yes the keyboard issues are frustrating and I agree, things aren’t made to last these days. A friend has a computer guru down on the Gold Coast who I will consult when we get back down there. I would prefer not the replace the computer but it may be my only choice. As for repairs to the tinnie – that will also have to wait until we are back on the Gold Coast.

  2. Hi Guys And very detailed Newsletter as usual, I’m surprised the War Games weren’t on! If you find anyone wanting to sell a 40 to 50’ cruising cat, FP or L let me know, I know someone looking just a thought. We’re currently at Cooktown and starting to head south and into NSW in November as our youngest daughter if due early January which is very exciting. Cheers Justin and Roxey

    Sent from my iPad Cheers Justin


    • Hi Justin and Roxey. Great to hear from you! You have made a significant jump north. Clearly NSW is a priority for you because of family but I would be avoiding the area as much as possible. When you list ‘L’ do you mean Leopard or Lagoon (or Lightwave). There is a Leopard 48 for sale in Melbourne- has been for some time – fully kitted out for survey (I think the charter business is part of the deal). Safe travels on your way south. Cheers, Trish

  3. Port Clinton and Thirsty Sound seem interesting spots. We have never really explored there. Bummer about the hole in the tinnie!
    Funny about your dead keyboard. Wade has a similar problem with his. Just got a Bluetooth keyboard for now and will replace his properly through our guy in Paradise Point when we get down to the Gold Coast!

    • Hi Chris. I think every time I go to spend some time on the newsletter another ‘letter’ is ‘missing.’ I will suffer through the external keyboard for now – old technology – but I will get in touch with you when we get to Paradise Point – I want to consult your guru as well. As for the tinnie…. fortunately the gash (es) is high enough not to be too much of a problem, and not a problem at all at the moment because we have been tied to a dock for a few weeks.

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