Aboard Sengo October 2017

Dirk Hartog Island

October was a bleak month. And it wasn’t just the weather. On Monday 24th October 2017 we said goodbye to our darling Cilla; our constant companion for the past 18 years.

I have been putting off completing October’s newsletter because I didn’t know how I wanted to deal with this. Do I write an ode to her? Or perhaps a sonnet; put her life down on paper or create a requiem (ignoring the fact it is a religious mass, a requiem is designed for a Queen). And she was a queen – the queen of our hearts. She was also a complete princess; an outspoken, bold, sometimes belligerent but ever present friend who always made us smile. In the end I thought all these ideas too painful to deal with at the moment (perhaps later) and instead dedicated a page of October’s newsletter to photos I’d taken of her over the past year. At least when we look back we can smile and recall the previous 12 months of adventures with her.

Geographically Sengo and its crew travelled, as the cormorant flies, around 370 nautical miles around the coast from Maud’s landing just north of Coral Bay to Freemantle, Perth’s maritime suburb. Of course having ducked into Shark Bay we travelled further than this but from a tourist point of view we saw very little, the weather or its consequences forever getting in our way….Aboard Sengo October 2017 is 10.1Meg (and this month I am not apologising for its size).

7 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo October 2017

  1. So sorry to hear about Cilla. She surely had a more adventurous life than most cats. Is Tiger adjusting ok? Cats are remarkably adaptable, independent creatures. No doubt the white cushions are becoming more Tiger coloured. Hope the toe is starting to heal. Difficult when you can’t just put your feet up. Cheers. Sue

    • Thanks Sue. The past couple of weeks have been tough. I think Tiger is ok. We were initially worried about him and had a look at cat adoption here in Perth – out of 500 possibles there were about 4 felines that would have been suitable for Tiger as another companion. However, his original vet suggested we wait – just for that reason – that they are remarkably adaptable (funny enough that was Hugh Worth’s catch cry for many years). The toe is getting better but has its moments (I haven’t taken any anti inflammatories today). Andrew did offer to do most of the hard work but it didn’t feel right – don’t want him having too many bragging rights!

  2. So sorry re Cilla.  What a full adventurous feline life she had and so many wonderful dreams. It will be hard for Tiger one would think. but the amount of cuddles may make up for it. loving reading your travel experiences love a M

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