Aboard Sengo – September 2016

It's Croc Season

It’s Croc Season!

The further north one goes toward the top of this great land, the fewer opportunities there are to connect to the outside world. So with that in mind I apologise for the delay in posting September’s Aboard Sengo newsletter but we have been out of internet and phone range for around three weeks, and we are very soon to leave it again. We spent half of September in Cairns, catching up with visitors, but resumed heading north around the middle of the month. We finished the month in Lizard Island; the pinnacle for a lot of cruisers each season. Enjoy aboard-sengo-september-2016 (The file is a little bigger than I had hoped. You are going to have to put up with 6.8M).

14 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – September 2016

  1. Pity you couldn’t visit the crocs on Green Island. I would love to know if Oscar is still alive. (he was brought down from PNG many years ago, and was about 18ft long when we were there back in the late 80’s.) I take it that the Lumix was retrieved? Stay safe from crocs.

    • Hi Sue. Yes thankfully, the Lumix was retrieved. I am having a bit of a habit of things falling out of my pocket lately – a few days ago it was the keys. Thankfully I had a spare set hidden outside and the boat where they fell out in was coming over for sundowners the next day. There was a big board out the front of the croc facility on Green Island, ‘Meet the Family’, with 8 snapshots on it of the residents. I am sorry to say Oscar was not listed amonst them. Cheers Trish

  2. Just been catching up on your sailings, what an adventure you are both having. So much to see and do along our coastline. I know I certainly enjoyed my trips on fishing trawlers years ago. My happy times, lots of wonderful memories.

    Cheers Andrew and Trish xx

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