Aboard Sengo – August 2016

(c) Trish Ebert Michaemas Reef

(c) Trish Ebert Michaelmas Reef

After a quick visit to Fitzroy Island, we made our way to Cairns, which we made our base for the month. We did pop into Port Douglas for a couple of days to have some work done (we ended up staying over a week) and after an all-too-brief visit back on the Great Barrier Reef, we were back in Cairns at the end of the month. Many readers will be pleased that this month’s document is a much smaller file than last month. Enjoy Aboard Sengo August 2016. (File is 3.7 MEG)

2 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – August 2016

  1. Ripped off! Only 13 pages this time. Lol. Looks as though Tiger has made a good recovery from being balloon cat. Lucky you were able to get him to a vet. Don’t suppose you got over to Green Island? There used to be a massive croc there called Oscar I think. Was brought from PNG when relatively small by George Craig.

    • Hi Sue, Geez girl. I can’t win. First the document is too big – now it is too small. 🙂 We still don’t know what caused Tiger’s initial problem, but all seems ok now. We didn’t get to Green Island, although we got close – Vlasoff Cay is only a few nautical miles north of Green Island. We may get to Green Island on the way north from Cairns as we have a couple of days before we need to be in Port Douglas again when we leave here in mid September. We would have also liked to get back to Fitzroy Island to complete the longer walks there, but that will have to wait until next time now.

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