Aboard Sengo – June 2016

Trying to relax (c) Trish Ebert

Trying to relax
(c) Trish Ebert

The most frustrating thing about producing this months newsletter is that the ‘l’s and ‘k’s on my keyboard seem to have given up and so every ‘l’ and ‘k’ has had to be copied and pasted. The fish identification is continuing but you will have to forgive us if we have incorrectly identified  any of them.

We started June at Airlie beach. We finished June at Magnetic Island.

Enjoy Aboard Sengo June 2016. The file is (5.4Meg)

4 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – June 2016

  1. Love the underwater pics. I visited Magnetic in 1973 I think. It was a pretty primitive, basic place back then. The only vehicles on the island were mini mokes. I have a photo taken holding a koala at the local wildlife park. Visited Townsville about 10 years ago. All I remember is that it was stinking hot and we spent the time getting in and out of the pool at our hosts. It was like being stuck in a pressure cooker – awful. This time of year should be much better, temperature-wise. Have fun.

    • Thanks Sue. There are still mini mokes on the island as well as a fleet of ‘topless’ convertibles (possibly daihatsus). You can still get your photo taken with a koala at the local wildlife park – for a price of course. Our visit to Townsville was also hot, muggy (it rained before the walking tour) and we spent the majority of the day walking to shopping centres. Never again. I will be on the bus next time.

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