Aboard Sengo – May 2016

Sengo at Middle Percy Island. (Photograph copyright Bev and Robby: SY Mersoleil)

Sengo at Middle Percy Island. (Photograph copyright Bev and Robby: SY Mersoleil)

In May Sengo travelled from the top of Fraser Island to Airlie Beach, a distance, as the Brown Booby flies, of about 420 nautical miles. On this leg we tried to visit as many new places as possible, with visits to new islands and reefs in the Bunker Group; and we finally made it to Middle Percy Island.

Looking at my diary entries I seem to have done an awful lot of washing, which is surprising because we don’t go through that many clothes. Of course, the odd fur ball on the linen (outside towels, or bed sheets) may account for the extra loads. And it is only a small washing machine after all.…

As I have recently lost one of the cameras, there are no photos for the last few days of May.

Enjoy Aboard Sengo May 2016. (The file is 5.4 MB)

6 thoughts on “Aboard Sengo – May 2016

  1. Hi Trish. Glad you are having a great time. What happened to the camera. Did it go overboard?
    Sad you have lost the photos.
    We lov d Frazer island. It was just a remote spot when we were there. Only a pub.
    Would be much different now.

    Anyway have fun.



    • Thanks Cheryl, I don’t know what happened to the camera – I think it was in my pocket when I got off Sengo into the tinnie, and then it wasn’t there when we were half way to the chandlery. It could have been knocked out of my pocket when I took my pack off to empty the rubbish, or it could have fallen out before we hit the jetty. Wathumba Creek and lagoon on Fraser Island is pretty remote and only has a campground. Eurong Beach Resort and Happy Valley (eastern side of the island) and kingfisher Resort (visited in April) are the ‘bigger’ places where you can now stay or get something to eat.

  2. Hi Trish and Andrew,
    Sending gentle pats for Tiger and especially Cilla after her dental work, I hope she recovers well.
    I really enjoy your blog each month Trish and your stunning photos. Hope you can replace your camera soon.
    Lynne xx

  3. Glad to hear the furries have survived their dental experience. I didn’t realise Cilla was 17! Looks good for her age. Sounds like you are getting a bit more actual sailing/walking time in, with a bit less fixing stuff/chasing bits and pieces time. And, all importantly, finding time for some Sundowners. Enjoy.

    • Thanks Sue, Survived and flourishing, although now a bit fussy about getting wet food (doctors orders for the first three weeks after the procedure). I don’t think I will get away with feeding them only dry food from now on. I too am glad we are doing more travelling and exploring, but in this lifestyle there will always be an element of regular maintenance mixed in with the adventure.

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