I don’t do New Year’s resolutions…

I never have. Well, none that I can remember anyway.

I recently read that New Year’s Resolutions have a habit of being abandoned after about a week. Assuming I fall into the average and knowing how guilty I feel after not doing something I’ve said I’m going to do when I haven’t given myself a timeframe, the thought of how guilty I will feel when I’ve actually made a promise to  to change my habits completely from a particular point (and haven’t), just isn’t worth it.

However, having said that….I have just given myself a goal. A couple of days ago I walked the Reids Tramline circuit at Powelltown. This is a walk, although not very long (just over 6 kilometers), that I’ve been meaning to do for 20 odd years. It is also in a book of bush walks  that sees the light of day every 6 months or so, when a nice walking day is coming up and I’ve got nothing else planned. I can now tick that walk off. A couple of weeks ago I also ticked off the Domino Trail near Trentham. The book has 41 walks. I have done 20 of them. I would like to complete all the walks in the book before I leave the state. Maybe I have just made my first New Year’s resolution. After all, they all have to be done in the New Year.

Reids Tramline

Fern lined Reids Tramline walk

One thought on “I don’t do New Year’s resolutions…

  1. A relaxing way to spend a day. We walk trails often, particularly in school holidays when I’m reminded why some species eat their young.

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