Two down….

The cat has spent the past couple of days curled up in his favourite spot in his favourite room waiting for the warming rays of the elusive afternoon sun. For this favoured experience, he’s been waiting sometime.

His favourite spot is a bed. His favourite room is a bedroom and the reason he’s been waiting so long is that the room has been the repository for more of my unfinished projects – in this case roman blinds – and the door has been closed; the cat having been banished to take his afternoons on the couch by the window in the room next door.

I have shifted the unfinished curtains (still at this point, unfinished) and placed them (neatly) on the floor in the sewing room. The bed is now made up in new clean linen, the floor is clear and there is some colourful artwork on the wall. It looks and feels like a bedroom again.

In order to open the house up for the public this weekend  (the purchasing public hopefully) I needed more than one room where I could see the floor. Two down…..

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